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    I am poodlegoose. I am a bit quirky, a bit of a tomboy turned girl. I am a music junkie, I read too much, I play on my DS too much, and I watch way too much tv on DVD. I would love to be a violinist/violist in a chamber orchestra and play my pretty little heart out. I am also extremely optimistic, I love being happy, and I love Sour Patch Kids until my tongue burns. I also love singing, I am extremely clumsy, I am allergic to metal, and I don’t do well in living up to other people’s expectations. Ok, that’s enough for now. Anything else, check out my "about me" page. That'll be enough. . . and then some.
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Let’s Talk About Me.

Please, feel free to email me! poodlegoose (at) gmail (dot) com

First of all, come find me on:

Second of all, one of my favorite t.v. shows:
Hattie: Enough talk. It’s time for action. I move that everyone come to my apartment to snuggle my cat.
Scruffy: Second.
Farnsworth: I move that your cat stinks and is ugly.
Scruffy: Second.
Hattie: I move that we vote on a new chief executive officer and oust this old creep. And also that my cat smells good and is pretty.

Third of all, finally to the “about me section”:
So. My blog. Here you are, reading a page about. . . well, the author of aforementioned blog, and you’re probably wondering why I’m just rambling on about nothing.

Not surprising is it?

I’ve found that my thoughts are rarely produced in a focused, straight-forward manner. I tried the descriptive entries, the entries about interests, and the entries about my past experiences and what I’ve learned because (or is it despite?) of them. I’ve even tried my hand at various quizzes and blog memes. I try my best to write in a fairly coherent manner, but 9 times of out of 10, I fail. And I’m ok with that. Nothing in my brain makes sense, and I’d surely doubt that anything it produces will be anything other than a hodge podge of what I’ve managed to adhere inside with marshmallow puff.

This place is exactly what it states on the front page. A place to plop. And when’s it best to plop? When I’m tired. When I’m bored. When I’m overwhelmed. When I’m procrastinating. When I can’t wait to read what my fellow bloggers are writing about. . . .Whenever.

Plus, I love that bird to death. He’s really something, isn’t he?

So. Back to “About Me.” I am a 5’9″ 24 year old Korean student, studying the art that is education and dealing with the love/hate relationship that is my own education. I was adopted at the ripe ‘ole age of 3.5 months, and I am truly interested in getting to know more people who are in similar situations. I don’t speak any Korean, other than what I’m taught on t.v. (thanks AR) or my future father-in-law’s repertoire. I am an incredible (note here that I realize my extreme use of incredible, but please know that it is expressing fully my intended meaning) procrastinator. But “terrible” would fit. So would “horrible.”

For instance, I am currently in the midst (about halfway through) a book I’m supposed to be tested on tomorrow. Along with my 10 pages of lecture notes. I have a Greek quiz, and I’m supposed to choose a passage of Scripture (otherwise known as the Bible) to exegete. Doesn’t that just sound like a barrel of monkeys?

I have a new love: my ukulele. My uke skillz aren’t that great, but I find that it’s easier to transport than my guitar, violin or um. . . double bass. Just kidding about the double bass. I don’t gots one of those, though I’d really like one. I also play the mandolin, but I haven’t decided if I like it as a strumming instrument. I know that I’m not good enough to pick it, but we’ll see. I also have an autoharp that I was once obsessed with, and I should probably pull that out sometime. I am currently attempting the piano, though my hands never did like to act on their own accord.

Oh, the above paragraph was meant to mean that I adore music. Especially making music (playing and singing), but I’ll listen to lots of different kinds. My favorite band of all time: Zeppelin. Don’t ask me how or why. It just happened that way. It’s as if the music chose me, and I had no control over it. I’m also a huge fan of speed metal (just in case you were wondering). And Once is my favorite movie about music. It captures the intensity of the relations between musical people. Just watch it. It’s magical.

Oh. Ha. I should probably mention that I’m getting my first Masters in September if I can make it through these last two classes. Really, it’s what I get for taking a semester off, but I’m quite motivated to further my education. Anyone hear of an occupation change at 24? I want to go back and do something with children’s speech linguistics and pathology eventually, because my fiance’s education must come first. Plus, he’s a whole crap load smarter than me.

I am getting married (!!) on Halloween of this year. I am trying to make this as low stress as possible. I am also making it my goal to formulate a pretty decently awesome wedding for $5K or under. I have convinced myself this is possible, and I honestly think that it will happen. We’ll see in a few months.

Damn, this is getting long.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, direct yourselves to this page: GO HERE!

Alright. That’s enough. You’ve been awesome, so give yourselves a pat on the back or come back later, and I’ll have a high-five waiting for you. Thanks for reading!


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad you liked me story on Indie Bloggers. Have you submitted anything to the site?

  2. Oh, you’re a fun one, all right. Glad to have found you!

  3. Nice bio. Loved ONCE, too, especially Marketa Irglova’s If You Want Me scene.

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