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    I am poodlegoose. I am a bit quirky, a bit of a tomboy turned girl. I am a music junkie, I read too much, I play on my DS too much, and I watch way too much tv on DVD. I would love to be a violinist/violist in a chamber orchestra and play my pretty little heart out. I am also extremely optimistic, I love being happy, and I love Sour Patch Kids until my tongue burns. I also love singing, I am extremely clumsy, I am allergic to metal, and I don’t do well in living up to other people’s expectations. Ok, that’s enough for now. Anything else, check out my "about me" page. That'll be enough. . . and then some.
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2012 update: I have decided to let you come with me!


come find me and read, if you’d like 🙂

should i stay or should i go now?

It’s official. I’ve made too many comments as “poodlegoose” on too many blogs of people I know IRL. Dumb, I know, but I thought I wanted to get “out there.”

But now that I’m there, I don’t know what to write. I can’t write things that I would normally write because sometimes, they’re about the people that will now be able to read it. I’m at a road block.

Other bloggers who have gone through similar situations: Did you stay or did you go?

I’m torn, because I really do love poodlegoose, but I really want to write what I want. Eh? Eh.